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Which explains why today, Google's home page offers a "birthday surprise spinner " that leads to 19 animated party games - from a host of familiar favorites to its new "snake game ". You will also find a musical puzzle that celebrated Beethoven's 245 birthday . Its creators are celebrating the phenomenon's 19th birthday with a series of surprises for users.

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Sixty percent of Dunkirk's population is Hispanic. The roads are blocked, and there are long lines for food, water and fuel, he says . At least 16 deaths are blamed on Maria. About 44 percent of Puerto Rico's population now lacks access to clean drinking water, the U.S. Defense Department said. "They have fought for our country and we need the same immediate response that another state would have".

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The vehicles will include a series of far-field microphones to improve voice clarity, and visual feedback will be displayed on BMW's in-dash screens as well. It's set to be compatible with a 100 smart home devices straight out of the box, so there's no need for Alexa Skills or apps. However, Amazon is looking to make up for this with multiple bundles created to make sure that its microphones really are in every room: The company will sell a combination of Echo Dot and Fire TV will ...

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And someone like Manish Pandey could be promoted to no 3, Dhoni could walk out at no 3. Further talking about his ability to hit sixes at will, Pandya said he prefers reading the game before making his shot selections. I wanted to target the left-arm spinner and when I got a few sixes, I knew I could take some time. However, they managed only 69 off the last 74 balls, losing five wickets in the bargain.

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WhatsApp already blocked the HTTPS/TLS that was used to send photos and videos. WhatsApp encryption technology makes it hard for the government to closely monitor and restrict the cyberspace. Facebook is now banned in China following a series of riots in 2009, after a group of Xinjiang independence protesters used the social media site to communicate.

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Will the Nokia 8 fit into the same category? While this should be the trend, phone makers take their own sweet time to customise the security patches for their devices and deliver the update, but Nokia is making an exception. It has most, if not all, flagship features one can expect. The all new phone from Nokia also has a fingerprint scanner, a feature that has already been seen previously in the iPhones, Samsungs S series and many other smartphones and so is not anything new for a ...

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For some criminologists, the murder rate is considered a more reliable metric than the violent crime rate, as it's harder to fudge murder numbers, and slayings rarely go unreported. O'Neill credited the NYPD's tactics with the crime drop: "Today's new data confirms what we in New York City have known for years now: Enhanced training, improved tactics, and constructive engagement with the public we serve all lead to long-term reductions in crime".

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A pleasant surprise found in the teardown is that the iPhone 8 sports a modem that is capable of gigabit LTE speeds, but unfortunately you will not be able to experience those. "This is due to the iPhone X cannibalization", Ming-Chi Kuo, analyst with KGI Securities, said. According to the specifications that Apple has revealed , the phone has a 12-megapixel wide-angle camera with an improved telephoto aperture and optical zoom.

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The home team Oklahoma State Cowboys are also 3-0 so far this season and it's thanks to their star quarterback Mason Rudolph . With home games against Idaho and South Alabama and winnable road trips to Texas State and UL-Lafayette still on the docket, Doug Martin's team has a legitimate shot at bowl eligibility.

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There's been no shortage of rumors about Samsung's foldable smartphone, but all such reports have either been rumors or baseless speculation . After the launch of iPhone X , Samsung chief told that their company is working on foldable devices and indicated that the Galaxy Note 9 might possess such type of foldable display.

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Diehard Apple fans believe a special 10 anniversary iPhone is worth it to them even at its high cost. Generally when you have to pick an iPhone 8 case you have to choose between style and durability or thickness and protection. It's the best size. The seats are well padded and comfortable and each seat is installed with a power outlet. Here's what I know so far: The X feels like it's exactly the right size.

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There's an easy way to discover which games on your current device will not work with the new update . As the iOS 11 user interface will be available on the latest models, it will have the Touch ID along with the Face ID. Here you can do edit or doodle on the screen itself before sharing via email, message or any other app. Introduction of the Do-Not-Disturb feature which can be activated for safe driving.

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The ads, which cost about $100,000 to $150,000, focused on social issues , including same-sex marriage and LGBT civil rights, gun control, immigration, and race relations. Congressional Democrats asked the Federal Election Commission this week to advise on ways to prevent foreign influence on USA elections, including possible new laws or regulations.

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In a briefing to the National Assembly, the ministry also explained that the North's launch Friday of an intermediate-range ballistic missile (IRBM) appears meant to flaunt its ability to strike USA bases created to augment US troops in case of a contingency.

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But at a United Nations venue, it was a little like going to the first meeting of the PTA and repeatedly pointing out that you only care about your own kid. The first takeaway was recreating the Bush administration's "axis of evil" by targeting North Korea and Iran's varied nuclear ambitions. "You don't have to brandish that every moment so that it's always the big stick and no talk, literally, softly or otherwise", said Kerry.

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Lenovo unveiled the Moto E4 Plus which has the Oxford Blue Colour option in India . Other specifications on the X4 include a microSD card slot for expansion and a 3000 mAh battery . So, how much does this version of the Moto X4 cost? The Moto E4 Plus features a 5.5-inch IPS LCD 720p screen, protected by 2.5D curved Corning Gorilla Glass.

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Some of the most reliable models suggested Maria would miss Puerto Rico to the north, he said. No one on the island has power from utilities. Hurricane Maria's first victim was Dominica , and it was clear from a flight Wednesday over the island nation that the storm showed absolutely no mercy.

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Already, HTC has issued a trading halt on its stock, effective tomorrow, as it's set to make a major announcement to shareholders. As part of the agreement, Google will also secure a nonexclusive licensing deal for some of HTC's intellectual property.

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Take advantage of the offer which the Flipkart and Amazon are providing to the customers. In this program, customers can exchange their old mobiles to get discounts on not only mobile purchases but also on purchases in other categories such as washing machines, refrigerators, TVs , laptops , tablets and air conditioners.

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Race fans, start your Xbox One X engines. Now there's an awesome new trailer and a demo to deal with? Ahead of the console's November release date, one developer believes that the differences between the Xbox One X and PS4 Pro are big, and that we should notice the difference in graphical quality with the bigger titles.