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Trump said in a subsequent tweet . If you want government officials to make the decisions about your healthcare vote for the Democrat candidate. Republican leaders are assuring senators that the narrow repeal would be merely a vehicle to begin negotiations with House Republicans on a broader compromise to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act.

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Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.) composed a letter to Defense Secretary Jim Mattis, urging him not to impose the unconstitutional ban on transgender troops in the military. "There's a reason why Secretary ( James) Mattis did not issue this, there is a reason why no general made a decision to talk about this, because it's embarrassing and it's dumb", Gallego said.

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Fresh off some big political wins, Trump and the GOP Congress could then have taken a crack at Obamacare repeal with a coordinated plan and strategy that it could sell to the American people. John McCain voted down the bill. The senator said he saw no real desire on the part of Democrats to work together on the healthcare issue "and I have to say some Republicans are at fault there, too".

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Just to the north and east, in parts of Wyoming and Nebraska, viewers will experience the "totality" - a full solar eclipse. Dayton will not see a total eclipse , but we will be at about 90 percent. The shadow will travel the slowest in Tennessee at a rate of 1,323 miles per hour. As the Moon orbits Earth it occasionally passes between us and the sun.

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The communication director's tenure was the stuff of Shakespearian drama - though brief enough to be just a morbid sonnet. In order to remove the possibility of Trump making a recess appointment while the Senate is out of session during the August state-work period, Schumer said he expects the Senate will hold pro forma sessions throughout the upcoming recess to prevent a recess appointment from happening.

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Speaking to his team over the radio, Ricciardo said: "Was that who I think it was?" The 1-2 finish at the Hungarian GP also allowed Ferrari to close in on Mercedes in the drivers' championship standings. The Australian Ricciardo actually started in the 6th position but got ahead of Verstappen after the first turn. "I had a pretty good run into the first corner on the first lap but being teammates.

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Samsung will be launching the new Galaxy Note 8 smartphone this month and we can't wait to get our hands on the device. However, now that the Galaxy Note 8 passed the FCC , there are no major hurdles for Samsung to clear. There's a 12MP dual-pixel rear camera with an 8MP front-facing camera, and storing the juice is a 4,000mAh non-removable camera. Samsung Electro-Mechanics' update is only for the actual camera chip and smartphone manufacturers have sometime shipped phones with ...

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The quickest of England's half-centuries was scored by Jonny Bairstow , at a run a ball. After 18 of them, they appeared to be on the fast track. Keaton Jennings (48) struck a couple of boundaries in the 25th over but was caught in the gully in the next over bowled by Kagiso Rabada (1-56). But he did not panic, and Root was soon batting fluently too after taking 13 deliveries to open his account.

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For seven years, Republicans have threatened to repeal and replace President Barack Obama's landmark achievement: the Affordable Care Act - aka Obamacare - a system that has given health care to millions of Americans. Friday she supported the skinny repeal bill. Then Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke called both of Alaska's Republican Senators to inform them that Murkowski's vote "had put Alaska's future with the administration in jeopardy".

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On Friday, North Korea tested another intercontinental ballistic missile. Currently, the U.S., Russia, China, Britain and France are declared nuclear states in the post-World War II system. There are other hurdles, including building nuclear warheads to fit on those missiles and ensuring reliability. Following North Korea's second ICBM launch on Friday, many have asked whether the United States will seek an emergency Security Council session on Monday.

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The Washington Post noted in a report on Kelly's speech that President Barack Obama had devoted only six sentences to the war in Afghanistan in his State of the Union address in January 2011. You know, on this bill, all they needed was 50 votes and they could not get to 50 votes. "John has also done a spectacular job at Homeland Security", Trump said, adding that Kelly has been "a true star of my administration".

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Sharif did not declare income from these companies. The rally triggered a massive traffic jam on Murree Road creating hardships for the commuters. The United States and the European Union have urged a smooth democratic transition in the South Asian country.

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She said failure of the Senate to do nothing occurred at a critical time for insurance companies that must finalize rates for next year by August 16. The politically hard task of coming up with sweeping health legislation was made more challenging by differing views of abortion , an issue that was at the periphery of the Republican efforts but was a persistent complication.

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At least five people died overnight and into Sunday, prosecutors said, swelling a toll from four months of anti-government protests that was already over 110 killed. She also believes that she will be removed from her position as soon as the new Assembly is installed because she is no longer following direct orders from Maduro.

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Either of these two Targaryens could very well be Azor Ahai. Rather than being dragged through the streets of Kings Landing and beheaded - like Cersei wanted - Jamie fought to allow the matriarch of the Tyrells to take her own life with a vile of pain-free poison.

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The Arizona Republican bucked his party in casting the deciding vote against the so-called skinny repeal of Obamacare . It appears that the public is catching on to the fact that none of the GOP's health care plans would fix the existing problems with the health care system.

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A delayed health care vote would undoubtedly complicate McConnell's effort to ram the legislation through the Senate. There is precedent. In 2001, the Senate was divided equally among Democrats and Republicans. "It didn't roll", Ciepel said. In short, Republicans continue to charge up the hill without popular support - only to be rebuffed again and again. Even Sen.

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Department of Homeland Security, not to call attention to himself. Panetta suspects Kelly is particularly uncomfortable when it comes to "schmoozing" politicians, which is a key part of the job. The former Republican National Committee chairman had sold himself to Trump as a well-connected Washington operator who could help round up votes on Capitol Hill.

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Conservatives such as Sen. Lisa Murkowski earlier this week. Rob Portman (R-Ohio) were just re-elected to six-year terms. Trump made the decision to bet the first months of his presidency on a quick "repeal-and-replace" strategy. Because the Democrats may have no ideas, but they know how to work together to pass the horriblelaws they desire. But in the critical days when the bill's fate hung in the balance, he was more often tweeting about his various media feuds than about the bill.

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Mitch McConnell deserves blame for being an inept Majority Leader who tried to run the Senate like it is the House and ram a bill through without following the proper legislative process. "But I have every expectation we will". That bill failed miserably, as McCain knew it would. The conference committee McCain is explicitly hoping to convene would consist entirely of Republicans.