por | Noviembre 10, 2017 | 18:17

In addition, the person pointed to the history of each state, noting that there are 800,000 more Democrats that Republicans in New Jersey and that Virginia has increasingly trended Democratic in recent years. "That's a huge pickup of women, we have two Asian-American women, Kelly Fowler and Kathy Tran, two Latinas, Elizabeth Guzman and Hala Ayala, we have our first transgender woman , our first lesbian woman".

por | Noviembre 09, 2017 | 17:53

But it will require collective action, collective strength, and collective devotion to winning the peace. Xi smiled widely when Trump said he does not blame China for the deficit and also when Trump said Xi gets things done. Earlier on Thursday, Xi said he had a deep exchange of views with Trump and reached consensus on numerous issues of mutual concern. He and Xi huddled for hours inside the Great Hall, situated on the western edge of Tiananmen Square.

por | Noviembre 09, 2017 | 09:58

Donald Trump and Xi Jinping put their professed friendship to the test today as the least popular USA president in decades and the newly empowered Chinese leader met for tough talks on trade and North Korea . During a recent trip to Washington, Singaporean Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong nicely summarized the dilemma many in the region face because of a "radically different approach" under Trump.

por | Noviembre 08, 2017 | 16:08

Northam's daughter, Aubrey Northam, is a graduate of the university of Virginia . Trump and the GOP apparently were using Virginia as a test lab. They wanted to see if Trump's race-baiting political playbook, updated to include the local issue of Confederate statues , would work to flip a state that Trump lost by 5 points last November.

por | Noviembre 07, 2017 | 06:01

For comparison's sake, a few weeks ago SquareTrade reported that the iPhone 8 scored a 67, the 8 Plus checked in at 74, and Samsung's Galaxy Note8 scored an 80. Notably, the general consensus surrounding Face ID is that the feature works exactly as advertised. "Drop it, and you'll pay". From there it works like an even fancier version of Touch ID.

por | Noviembre 06, 2017 | 19:34

U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, standing just behind Trump, appeared to break out in laughter at his boss's no-nonsense approach to koi feeding. After the meeting, Trump responded to reporters' questions along with Abe and abductees' family members. He'll end the day at a state banquet. US ally South Korea, meanwhile, is rolling out the red carpet for Trump but is also sensitive to the fact that he plans to spend only 24 hours in the country compared to 48 hours in Japan , the kind ...

por | Noviembre 06, 2017 | 15:20

Samsung launched the new commercial on the weekend the iPhone X became available in stores. The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has already received massive support from the media and users despite the battery blasting issue that took place last year with the Galaxy Note 7.

por | Noviembre 06, 2017 | 04:22

U.S. President Donald Trump , who embarked on a 12-day trip to Asia Friday, said he would extend his visit in the Philippines by one day to attend the East Asia Summit. On Sunday, the two leaders are scheduled to play golf together with Japanese professional golfer Hideki Matsuyama at a country club just outside Tokyo before having dinner together.

por | Noviembre 04, 2017 | 13:36

Following its first Android One phone , the Xaomi Mi A1, it has adopted another single letter to kickstart its new line of smartphones. We hope other OEM's follow this practice too. Moreover, the notifications will also be bundled as per the apps and users will be able to interact with notifications within the shade. There's a Micro-USB port at the bottom with grilles on either side, while the top has the 3.5mm headphone socket, an IR emitter, and the secondary microphone.

por | Noviembre 03, 2017 | 21:47

Issues were noted in Europe, India, Malaysia and Russian Federation. It is worth mentioning here that Whatsapp has 1.3 billion monthly active users. Company Facebook , which is the official owner of WhatsApp has not yet made any comment about the failure of the system.

por | Noviembre 03, 2017 | 20:53

With a Canadian starting price of $599 - generally $250 more than the Xbox One S , its lower-powered sibling, and $100 more than rival PS4 Pro - this is a console that is squarely aimed at the hardest of the hardcore Xbox gamers. We'll also be keeping an eye out on the best deals and bundles in the run-up to launch, so you don't have to. The Xbox One X powers on with a cheeky little 4K animation, before moving on to regular Xbox One things.

por | Noviembre 03, 2017 | 14:14

Police discovered details of Saipov's reconnaissance from an analysis of license plate readers, the ubiquitous array of sensors and photographic scanners posted throughout the city that give cops near-instant access to the movements of any vehicle.

por | Noviembre 03, 2017 | 10:42

Yet another reason to be a member. And download all the updates too, because we're talking about hundreds of gigabytes - thank the Space Pope that we've got an unlimited data plan. With an Xbox One X and an Xbox One S set up side-by-side, we simultaneously loaded a number of games installed on Western Digital 4TB external hard drives and recorded the loading time for each.

por | Noviembre 02, 2017 | 18:01

The deadline for signing up is December 15. Like a patient battling a chronic illness, the insurance marketplace has had its ups and downs. For example, the state says, a family of four with an income of $53,000, or an individual earning $27,000, may see a slight decrease in costs in 2018 for a silver plan.

por | Noviembre 02, 2017 | 17:09

Called the Razer Phone , the device created to cater to gamers is expected to draw PC gamers to a mobile device. Razor Phone is the new Android-powered smartphone from the company. Razer has , in fact, placed in its first smartphone with a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 835 coupled with the GPU Adreno 540, exactly as the last flagship of Samsung.

por | Noviembre 01, 2017 | 23:03

Adding to the confusion is that countries like Canada and Australia, whose point-based systems inspired Trump's push, have partially departed from the method, with some facing problems assessing immigrants's qualifications. Schumer was involved in the program's creation. It was not clear what program the President was referring to. Flake, one of the eight, said: "I know".

por | Noviembre 01, 2017 | 02:56

Georgia at No. 1, Alabama at No. 2. The playoff committee ranked Alabama No. 2, Notre Dame No. 3 and defending national champion Clemson No. 4. At this point in 2015, the eventual semifinalist Oklahoma was No. Notre Dame and Clemson have one loss apiece, with Notre Dame's coming by one point to Georgia. "Those things can change every week". They have only one Power 5 win over a team with a record over.500 (Northwestern).

por | Noviembre 01, 2017 | 01:11

But Warner and his colleagues won't be able to raise those concerns with tech CEOs at the hearings. Colin Stretch, Facebook's general counsel, plans to tell the Judiciary panel that 120 pages set up by the Russian agency posted repeatedly between January 2015 and August 2017.

por | Noviembre 01, 2017 | 00:30

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said yesterday his country would "not tolerate any attacks on our sovereignty, on our people, on our land, whether from the air, from the sea, from the ground, or below the ground". Asked by reporters if Hamas, rather than another armed faction, had dug it, Conricus said: "I cannot confirm that". The meeting came just two weeks after the Security Cabinet decided that Israel would not conduct diplomatic negotiations with a Palestinian government ...

por | Octubre 31, 2017 | 19:23

Not all responsibility falls on local sheriff's departments because not all sex offenders follow the law and register. If you'd like to know if a sex offender lives in your neighborhood, the Missouri Highway Patrol has a map of them. As kids across East Tennessee get ready for Halloween, there are some steps parents can take to make sure the homes they are going to are safe. Many sex offenders, including those on probation or parole, are prohibited from displaying decorations outside their ...