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In the last three years alone, more than 200 reports about Paddock's activities, particularly large transactions at casinos, have been filed with law enforcement authorities, ABC News was told. "We are making progress", the sheriff said in determining Paddock's motive. Authorities had also learned that Paddock "additional property in northern Nevada" and were coordinating with the Federal Bureau of Investigation to respond to and serve a search warrant at that location, according to ...

por | Octubre 04, 2017 | 14:32

Tesla delivered 25,930 Model S and X cars in the latest quarter, a 4.5 percent increase over the same quarter a year ago. The slow production start of Tesla's Model 3 , which has been created to facilitate quicker assembly, reignites the worry that Tesla will continue to struggle in reaching its lofty targets for production made by CEO Musk.

por | Octubre 04, 2017 | 13:37

He said he fears that Burlington's national profile as a liberal bastion could potentially make it a target for political violence. This did not make the perpetrators less bad, but it made them less unsafe. Trump thanked the local police and first responders "for their courageous efforts, and for helping to save the lives of so many". In 2016, the NRA spent more than $50 million supporting Donald Trump's presidential campaign and GOP candidates in six competitive Senate races, according to ...

por | Octubre 04, 2017 | 09:35

Police responded to the scene Sunday night and breached the door to the suspect's room on the 32nd floor , where they found "numerous firearms", including rifles. She was visiting Las Vegas with her fiancé when she was killed, according to CityNews Edmonton. Boston Mayor Marty Walsh said that "Boston's thoughts and prayers" are with the victims and loved ones of the shooting .

por | Octubre 04, 2017 | 09:04

The Odyssey , which comes with two controllers , features sharp OLED displays, rather than the LCD displays used on lower-priced headsets. Samsung is already a leader in virtual reality with its Gear VR device that runs Facebook's Oculus technology.

por | Octubre 04, 2017 | 08:56

Drinkable water is scarce or unavailable in many parts of the island. "So today I needed to get some medicine for one of my uncles, so that will take me a little bit, and my brother [waited] seven hours [in] line for gas yesterday, so my mother could get that medicine today".

por | Octubre 04, 2017 | 08:26

THE Filipina who was linked to the gunman in the mass shooting at a Las Vegas strip was no longer a person of interest in the ongoing United States police investigation, a spokesman for the Department of Foreign Affairs said on Tuesday.

por | Octubre 04, 2017 | 08:26

Fifty-six precent of the total times ads were displayed were shown after the election, with 44 percent shown before, Elliot Schrage, Facebook's vice president of policy and communications, wrote of the data the company provided to Congress.

por | Octubre 04, 2017 | 07:58

The development comes a week after Kurdistan Iraq voted in an independence referendum that has been rejected by Baghdad, Tehran and Ankara. More than 90 percent voted in favor of independence. "So what if it is approved with 90 or 92 percent? Who will recognize your independence?" said Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan . Northern neighbor Turkey also strongly opposed the vote.

por | Octubre 04, 2017 | 07:00

More than 22,000 people were caught up in the panic. Tens of thousands of concertgoers screamed and ran for their lives as shots rang out on the outdoor festival. Manley spent hours huddling with others in the kitchen area of a hotel conference centre until police told them it was safe to come out. Gooze promised Bereza she would remain by his side and made the same vow to McIldoon's mother after being put in touch with her.

por | Octubre 04, 2017 | 06:18

The FBI warning about the elder Paddock said he had been "diagnosed as psychopathic", and should be considered "armed and very unsafe". At the age of 34 Paddock committed a series of armed bank heists across the United States where he was said to haven stolen more than $20,000 - the equivalent of $165,000 (£124,500) in today's money.

por | Octubre 04, 2017 | 06:00

A state of the art Nexus 9 replicant himself, as a blade runner , K's specific job is to kill off the previous version of replicants, Nexus 8's, due to their open-ended lifespan and alleged involvement in a disastrous electromagnetic pulse detonation on the West Coast.

por | Octubre 04, 2017 | 05:47

An FBI poster circulating online says Benjamin was "diagnosed as psychopathic, has carried firearms in commission of bank robberies" and "reportedly has suicidal tendencies and should be considered armed and very unsafe". However, the group provided no evidence. Police say at least 50 people are dead and more than 200 injured following a terrorist attack in Nevada.

por | Octubre 04, 2017 | 05:46

In unity, we can drown out the bullies. And always will. Forever. "We need to stop the carnage". Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has called on Congress to reject legislation that would make it easier to purchase a firearm silencer in the wake of the deadliest mass shooting in modern US history .

por | Octubre 04, 2017 | 05:26

The retailer removed the pages soon after they were discovered, but not before someone grabbed screenshots, posting them on SlashLeaks . But tomorrow's event bolsters Google's commitment to hardware and smartphones following the company's purchase of HTC's talent for more than $1 billion dollars.

por | Octubre 04, 2017 | 04:37

While some states will run out of program for the funding by the end of 2017, Dan Sullivan with Enroll Virginia said the commonwealth has enough money on reserve to last a few more months. Ron Wyden of OR had introduced legislation to keep CHIP funded for another five years, but Congress never scheduled a vote before the reauthorization deadline.

por | Octubre 04, 2017 | 04:30

Israel said any deal would be unacceptable unless Hamas disarmed. That statement contradicted President Abbas who on Monday said that Hamas would have to hand over its weapons to the unity government. Hamdallah said the Authority would take over the Strip's day-to-day governance as well as "security responsibilities". He said the halted budgets would be restored only "when the government is able to carry out all its work - all of it - as it does in the West Bank".

por | Octubre 04, 2017 | 04:06

If a man walking into an elementary school and slaughtering 20 children between the ages of 6 and 7 isn't enough to get us to consider changing our gun laws , it's hard to imagine what will. "Enough is enough. My hope is that sanity will prevail, and Republican leadership in Congress will muster up the courage to act". Since the shooting, House leaders have not said when they will schedule a vote for the Sportsman's Heritage and Recreational Enhancement Act ( SHARE Act) introduced on ...

por | Octubre 04, 2017 | 02:13

Supreme Court to rule for the first time that voting maps can be so partisan they violate the Constitution. When lawmakers in Wisconsin convened their 2011 legislative session, Republicans controlled the state's Assembly, Senate and governor's office for the first time in decades.

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AT&T has sent at least four chartered planes with supplies and personnel to the island, and plans to send more soon. "17?" "16", Rossello answered. He has said we have done an incredible job. With the help from a satellite phone and Javier's family in Puerto Rico, it was all smiles from both ends of the phone.