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On Wednesday at a UN Security Council meeting, US Vice-President Mike Pence accused the military of showing "terrible savagery" towards the Rohingya, the strongest remarks from the US yet on the crisis. "We walked for five days to get here from Rakhine but now it [her belongings] is all gone", Rashida said. Chris Lom, the IOM Asia-Pacific spokesman, said on Wednesday from Bangladesh, where 422,000 Rohingya have arrived from Myanmar since violence erupted three weeks ago, that members of the ...

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Trump will meet with Afghan President Ashraf Ghani for the first time since announcing his strategy for the conflict there. The message that should be clear to North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is that "if you want to go, we're ready", he said .

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In addition, 10 governors from both parties asked congressional leaders in a letter to reject the GOP bill and instead seek bipartisan legislation making health care more affordable. Analysts and Democrats have warned that higher deficits resulting from tax cuts would eventually overwhelm economic growth at a time when USA interest rates are set to rise.

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A group of about 40 " Dreamers ", illegal immigrants brought to America as children, chanted "Let us speak", and "No lip service" at the House minority leader. "What do you think the reaction of the real Trump hardliners - the real base - will be if they get a deal on DACA that includes citizenship and doesn't include a wall as it had been commonly thought to exist?" This season, tune in as Democratic congressional leaders - who have a lot of time on their hands because they're not busy ...

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Beijing has been increasingly frustrated with North Korea's nuclear drive, but it still doesn't want the North to collapse and cause a wave of refugees to cross the border into China and American troops to move into North Korea. They are convinced that in the ensuing chaos North Korea's leadership would disintegrate and would abandon the nuclear program on which he's staked his prestige.

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The Japan-based conglomerate is forced to unload the thriving business unit to fill a major hole in its finances caused by the bankruptcy of its US nuclear unit, Westinghouse. At a Toshiba board meeting earlier today, Toshiba reaffirmed their commitment to complete a deal with the Bain Capital consortium. Reports state, Apple's interest in the chip business is rooted in the strategic importance of flash memory - compact chips are crucial for storing media files in its iPods and iPhones.

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President Donald Trump said Wednesday the Republicans' last-resort " Obamacare " repeal effort remains two or three votes short, forecasting days of furious lobbying ahead with a crucial deadline looming next week. But the basic thrust is simple: It cuts federal funding for - and regulations on - the provision of health insurance to a more radical degree than any previous GOP health-care bill.

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This can happen when the watch tries to join a Wi-Fi network the user has previously logged in to using another Apple device, like an iPhone or a computer. "It's also good insurance if you're the kind of person who remembers to put on a watch every morning but tends to leave your phone behind". Apple told The Verge that a fix is coming.

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Marco's been there since may. The coast is under a high surf advisory, with swells up to fifteen feet expected in the Gulf of Maine. Hurricane Maria is expected to hit the island tomorrow, possibly bringing storm surges, flooding and deadly winds to the island.

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For instance, a gentle voice from the Nest Core will tell you how long you have to leave the home once the system is armed. The company said it would be adding Google Assistant support to the Nest Cam IQ indoor later in the year. The Nest Guard has an alarm that will sound off if an intruder comes into the home and will alert a user through the Nest app of a potential break-in.

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One way to make sure it will not happen is to plug in the device before it finishes installing iOS 11 or any software update. Apple's iPad Pro owners will be able to do more out of the box, including the ability to digitally scan and sign files with Apple Pencil.

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US President Donald Trump has warned that "bureaucracy" and "mismanagement" are holding the United Nations back, a pointed message for an worldwide organization he once criticized as weak and incompetent. Trump has also not ruled out a military option, which could leave millions of people in the South Korean capital vulnerable to potential retaliatory attack.

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As officers from the Civil Guard went through Catalan government files, the protesters outside unveiled a banner across the plaza that read, in English, "Welcome to the Catalan Republic". Catalan deputies walked out in protest. Carles Puigdemont appeared with members of his cabinet following several arrests in an ongoing operation by Civil Guard agents.

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But Mr Lavrov said it looked like it was Washington, which is in the midst of a US$1 trillion, 30-year modernisation of its aging ballistic missile submarines, bombers and land-based missiles, that was in breach of the same treaty. I will defend the interests of America above anything else. Second, it ignores the central policy of the Kim dynasty, which is to justify the building of a nuclear arsenal by keeping people in constant fear of a military invasion from the United States a and ...

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It is time for North Korea to realize that the denuclearization is its only acceptable future", Trump said . Malcolm Turnbull doubts the North Korean leader would "commit suicide" by launching an attack on the United States. Trump is expected to yet again extend the sanctions relief, a key principle of the deal that allows Iran to do business and keeps the United States in compliance with the agreement, CNN reported earlier this month.

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Shot under gray skies in Cupertino, California, Duncan Sinfield's aerial video shows off not only the striking "doughnut" design of the main building, but also the impressive-looking Steve Jobs Theater, set to be used for the first time next week when Apple CEO Tim Cook is expected to unveil new iPhones, hopefully along with some other goodies.

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But if you live outside the USA, the iPhone X's price tag could be an especially harsh demand, as Apple's new ultra-premium iPhone X can cost considerably more overseas. The counterpoint here is that Samsung's technology can be fooled with a photo of your face, while the iPhone X's facial recognition feature incorporates depth by leveraging an infrared camera to produce a 3D mesh.

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It is understood Fatima is among the 30 or so children who have been rescued so far from the Enrique Rebsamen School, which like dozens of other buildings in Mexico City has been turned to rubble . Local media reports said soldiers had administered oxygen to one trapped child through a tube. One Reporter Shares The "Extraordinary Generosity" She Saw After Mexico City's Earthquake When Mexico City was rocked by a powerful earthquake, people ran out into the street as the buildings they ...

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The urgent needs now are roofing materials for shelters, bedding supplies for hundreds stranded in or outside what's left of their homes and food and water drops for residents of outlying districts inaccessible at the moment . "Nobody should go through that alone". Some tourists from California told her that the hostel they are staying at moved them to an interior room when the men were unable to find flights home.

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On iOS 11 you can take a screenshot just like before - by pressing the home button and the lock button at the same time. Apple iOS 11 natively includes the functionality to record the smartphone's screen and Save the resulting videos to the device's camera roll.