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Meteorologist Lindsay Milbourne said Irma is expected to be a Category 2 or 3 in Tampa Bay from Sunday night into Monday morning. But the human toll from Irma's powerful rampage on the way to Florida continued to mount, with the Cuban government reporting that 10 people had been killed after the storm battered the island's north coast with ferocious winds and 11m waves over the weekend.

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The call for tougher sanctions was spawned after North Korea conducted the sixth nuclear test in its history last week after a series of missile launches earlier this year - violating United Nations resolutions. He also opposed the deployment of the Terminal High Altitude Area Defence (THADD) anti-missile system by the US in South Korea asserting that it undermined the security of China and other countries in the region.

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Trump's move drew criticism from business and religious leaders, mayors, governors, Democratic lawmakers , unions and civil liberties advocates. As UC Davis Law School Dean Kevin R. What is the legal argument you're making in your suit? It alleges that Trump's decision to end the program is unconstitutional and rooted in ethnic bias, and that it violates the due process rights of young DACA recipients who bought into the program after given guaranteed protection.

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With pre-orders for the SNES Classic Edition selling out incredibly quickly once they're made available, the markup on the retro console's cost on sites like eBay has hit insane prices , with some going for almost quadruple the recommended retail value.

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Hollingsed and other emergency services personnel will be on a conference call with the National Weather Service Friday afternoon to get the latest predictions of Irma's track. The governor wants residents to also be prepared with emergency kits and planned emergency routes. "Don't go two or three days without paying attention", he said, "and when it comes time to act, make sure you're relying on credible information".

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It can happen quickly and far from a storm's center, inundating areas that don't typically flood. The quake was labeled by many meteorologists as the worst natural disaster in a century. But that doesn't mean all Floridians should try to go back home. Though Georgia is still to get the full brunt of Irma, Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed told reporters at a briefing crews were already picking up "projectiles" the storm's winds were beginning to toss around.

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For the largest utility in the state, the post-Hurricane Irma restoration effort includes battling at least 5 million outages in 35 counties, the largest impact ever for the utility. While severely downgraded from the Category 5 hurricane it was when in the open Atlantic last week, Irma is still expected to spread heavy rain and bring potentially major flooding to the Southeast, dumping anywhere between 8 to 15 inches of rain.

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This is up from No. 21 among public institutions and No. 32 overall for 2017. The 2018 "Best Colleges" ranking , released Tuesday, comes as high school seniors start the process of applying to college. And among business schools, four Washington schools appeared on U.S. News' list: UW, 24th; Gonzaga and WSU, tied for 109th; and Seattle University, 128th.

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Under the hood, the Galaxy Note 8 features an Exynos 8895 Octa octa core processor with 6GB RAM . AJ Bell said in a note ahead of the new iPhone unveiling that shareholders will be "hoping for more fireworks than they got with the evolutionary iPhone 7 of a year ago".

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Unlike the U.S. and China that are receiving the Snapdragon 835 chipset powered Galaxy Note 8 , Indian markets will be getting its Exynos 8895 chipset variant. Ahead of the iPhone event in Cupertino this morning, Samsung decided to confirm that the 2018 will introduce a model with a foldable display . The Apple TV is expected to get an upgrade to be 4K-capable.

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The storm is expected to plow up the west coast of Florida by Sunday night. It's - as you say, it came aground in Key West early this - today and did a massive amount of damage there. Coastal waters could still rise well above normally dry land along Florida's central Gulf Coast, inundating homes, businesses and roads. Flooding has caused property damage in the low-lying Keys as Hurricane Irma unleashes its power.

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Authorities sent an aircraft carrier and other Navy ships to help with search-and-rescue operations in Florida on Monday as a flyover of the hurricane-battered Keys yielded what the governor said were scenes of devastation. Brian Palmer agreed. He barely had to watch for traffic Sunday in Savannah's normally bustling downtown historic district as he rode a bike home after leaving his auto in a parking garage for the duration of the storm .

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In this NASA/NOAA handout image, NOAA's GOES satellite shows Hurricane Irma , center, in the Caribbean Sea, Tropical Storm Jose , right, in the Atlantic Ocean and Tropical Storm Katia in the Gulf of Mexico taken at 15:45 UTC on September 8.

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He noted that the center of the storm is getting better organized and "will re-intensify as it approaches Florida ". Governor Ricardo Rosselló declared a disaster in the tiny islands of Culebra and Vieques, to Puerto Rico's east, which were hard-hit by the storm.

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The event is likely to last somewhere between an-hour-and-a-half and two hours. Safari on the Mac or iOS. PC users can use Microsoft Edge browser to watch the event. Apple's upcoming iPhone will be called the "iPhone X" and is expected to be priced at almost $1,000, media reports said, adding that two other new smartphones may be called "iPhone 8" and "iPhone 8 Plus" .

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Wine. An aerial view of the Virgin Islands - both British and USA - shows in stark terms just what is left now: roofs torn off houses, trees uprooted, whole neighborhoods turned into rubble under the weight of the storm. Residents said thousands of homes have been made uninhabitable and supplies stocked before the hurricane will only last a few more days. Geoffrey Scott Baker, whose daughter Amy Brown is on Saint Martin, said: "Nothing is happening".

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That's when officials planned to turn all lanes of Interstate 16 into a one-way route inland, sending traffic west from Savannah. He repeated his plea urging people to evacuate. we will have a period of moderate to heavy rain Monday night or Tuesday morning". I have all my mother's antiques. President Trump approved a "major disaster" declaration on Sunday for the state, paving the way for a federal aid package similar to the one approved last week for Texas in the wake of Hurricane Harvey.

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Myanmar's military says it is fighting Rohingya militants and denies it is targeting civilians. Almost 300,000 Rohingya Muslims have fled Myanmar into Bangladesh since August 25 when a fresh wave of violence erupted there. Over the weekend, the country's apex Muslim umbrella body, the Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs, also called the development in Myanmar "crimes against humanity".

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Update 4:50pm: With maximum sustained winds of 75 miles per hour , the National Hurricane Center has upgraded Jose to a hurricane . The hurricane center said that Katia's maximum sustained winds are now down to near 40 miles per hour (65 kph) and that it is expected to drift east of the Sierra Madre mountains as it peters out.

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Putin denounced North Korea's sixth and largest nuclear bomb test on Sunday, saying Russian Federation did not recognize its nuclear status. It will authorise me to stop doing trade, and put sanctions on anybody that does trade with North Korea.