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We can't run (kidney) dialysis", and other procedures, said hospital security guard Devan Campbell, standing outside as about 190 patients were led out. The Sabine River Authority is releasing water through spillway gates because of rising water levels at Toledo Bend Reservoir, sending more water downstream.

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Last month, Lenovo teased Star Wars: Jedi Challenges , a new augmented reality experience that was created in partnership with Disney . The new droid looks a bit like the adorable BB-8 gone over to the Dark Side. We've seen the new droids in action, and here's what you can expect from your new favourite toys. The Star Wars franchise is one of the most successful ever in the history of movies and today, the success of the franchise actually depends more on merchandise sales than ...

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And if it does, North Korea will likely demand a halt of the U.S. Washington's reluctance to share the radar may make Tokyo feel more vulnerable to North Korean attack and blunt US efforts to assure its Japan about its commitment to defend its East Asian ally to as tensions in the region intensify.

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Hurricane Harvey and its catastrophic flooding have halted production at Gulf Coast refineries, virtually guaranteeing spikes in gas prices across the country - but Inland Northwest residents shouldn't expect to see much of an impact from the storm at area gas pumps.

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They will use it for various times a day. If this trend persists, it would seem Apple's (and to a lesser extent, Google's) engineers think that the touch paradigm is old and established enough to be more abstract, which opens up a whole slew of other possibilities.

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That shelter alone is expecting to house more than 1,000 animals by the end of this week. Those who want to donate money to help animals affected by the hurricane can visit, click the "Events & Campaigns" tab and scroll down to the Hurricane Harvey Animal Rescue entry.

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In sharp contrast, 12,000 Qataris took part in last year's hajj , a pillar of Islam that capable Muslims must perform at least once in their lives, according to the state-run Qatar News Agency. In 2015, a stampede resulted in around 2,400 deaths, making it the worst catastrophe in the history of hajj . Speaking to The Media Line, Mahmoud Al-Habash, the Palestinian Minister of Religious Affairs, explained that the families of "martyrs" have been receiving free trips to Mecca , ...

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It has stood her well through a turbulent life - her uncle's abdication, World War II, her father's early death and her abrupt accession to the throne. "Her whole face drops as she says "No": her mouth closes, her eye expression becomes sadder to suggest she would have liked the role and then she looks directly back at Bashir to cue him to ask more".

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They spoke movingly about the experience in BBC documentary "Diana, 7 Days" at the weekend. Today marks the 18th anniversary of Princess Diana's death. In April 1987, she opened the UK's first objective built HIV/Aids unit that exclusively cared for patients infected with the virus, at London Middlesex Hospital.

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He can get rid of the white supremacists in his cabinet all he wants, but it won't matter, because it turns out the one person we can't fire is the biggest white supremacist of them all. But they are still - all of them - men and women, human beings, at the complete mercy of the state. Wilcox offered a different explanation: Voters grew tired of Arpaio's legal problems and penchant for self-promotion, but were not familiar with Trump.

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He also said officials anticipated a lot of rain but they did not know where exactly most of the rain was going to come down. US President Donald Trump said he will be traveling to Texas "as soon as that trip can be made without causing disruption" in the wake of Hurricane Harvey, which he said experts are "calling a once in a 500-year flood".

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He said that some of the more popular measures to replace Obamacare, such as allowing people to purchase insurance plans across state lines, which Mr. His administration is pushing for a simpler tax code and lower rates, but it has said it will leave the details of the proposal to Congress. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer says President Donald Trump's tax plan should not include tax cuts for the wealthiest 1 percent of Americans.

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Shortly before Marine One lifted off from the South Lawn of the White House , news came that economic growth had reached Trump's target of three percent in the second quarter. The aides spoke on condition of anonymity to disclose a meeting that hadn't yet been announced. "This is our once-in-a-generation opportunity to deliver real tax reform for everyday hardworking Americans", Trump said.

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And there was no relief in sight from the storm that spun into Texas as a Category 4 hurricane, then parked over the Gulf Coast. Harvey, which made landfall north of Corpus Christi August 25, has dumped almost 50 inches of rain in and around Houston .

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Geauga Humane Society's Rescue Village is working to assist animals from shelters in Texas and Louisiana that are being flooded by Hurricane Harvey, according to Leah Backo, marketing and public relations coordinator. As a result, Congress passed the Pets Evacuation and Transportation Standards Act , which allows the Federal Emergency Management Agency to help residents with pets in a major disaster.

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Or visit their website , , to donate by credit card. Fraud isn't the only issue. The BBB urges donators to be cautious and ask the charity about its transportation and distribution plans, and to be wary of organizations without disaster relief experience.

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Samsung, like with the Gear Sport , didn't mention pricing or availability. Still, not even the latest Gear S3-one of the best smartwatches on the market-was enough to put Samsung in the conversation with Apple on the smartwatch side, or Fitbit on the fitness side.

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This year sees pilgrims from Shiite Iran return to Mecca in Saudi Arabia after a hiatus following a diplomatic spat between the regional rivals and a deadly stampede in 2015. Recent terror attacks in Saudi Arabia have also sparked concerns over safety. "Each group must abide by the specified paths assigned to them while throwing the jamarat", he said, referring to one of the critical stages of Hajj when pilgrims conduct the ritual stoning.

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Monster storm Harvey made landfall again Wednesday in Louisiana , evoking painful memories of Hurricane Katrina s deadly strike 12 years ago, as time was running out in Texas to find survivors in the raging floodwaters. Now there were a number of us who were concerned that that particular bill became a $50 billion bill that was filled with pork and unrelated spending that wasn't hurricane relief, said Cruz (R-Texas).

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He also rounded on Merkel's conservatives for their criticism of former SPD Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder, who has been attacked for taking jobs at Kremlin-linked Russian energy companies, most recently at Rosneft. "Some believe the problems in Germany can be fixed by screaming - but I don't think so", she said. German Chancellor Angela Merkel warned the United Kingdom that it must pay what it owes the European Union as part of Brexit talks, saying it's misleading to view the ...