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Keep in mind that the Galaxy Note 8 is IP68 dust and water-resistant, so you won't need to buy a waterproof case. Also, the Note 8 has wireless and fast charging, both of which the iPhone 7 Plus lacks. For instance, video playback on the new device will last for 16 hours as compared to 18 hours in the older one. The price is likely to be at least $850, making the phone among the most expensive.

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Senate Foreign Relations Committee chairman Bob Corker last week said Trump had yet to demonstrate "the stability, nor some of the competence" needed to be a successful leader. Trump, however, was more than willing to hit back at the Tennessee senator, who had been one of his early supporters. Democrats are uniformly opposed to Trump's wall and say any blame for a shutdown would rest exclusively with Republicans.

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Share this article: A rescue by boat in flooded Houston. "We're in a lull right now but will get back into moderate to heavy rains today and into tomorrow", said Dr. A 10-member ground support crew was also deployed, fire officials said. They are trained in a variety of specialized techniques, which would enable them to help in situations such as extricating victims from buildings that have collapsed, she said.

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Now that Gurmeet Ram Rahim has been sentenced , the big question on everyone's minds is about who will succeed him at the head of Dera Sacha Sauda . The self-styled godman was taken for a medical examination, after which he will be given a jail uniform and will be allotted a cell in the jail. "Hence, I had to release five of them", he said.

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North Korea has conducted two nuclear tests and dozens of missile tests since the beginning of past year, significantly raising tension on the heavily militarised Korean peninsula and in defiance of U.N. While the launch violates United Nations resolutions, short-range rockets are generally seen as less provocative than tests of intercontinental ballistic missiles that could deliver a nuclear device to the continental U.S.

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The Red Cross has 20 shelters already set up in Texas, but because of the continued rain and flooding they are set to expand that number to 50 shelters, according to Benjamin. "We want them to have a quick process", Iheukwu said. "So, we do have disaster mental health that is on the ground, that can help those clients adjust", said Troncone.

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And Jimmy Carter surrounded himself with loyal but inexperienced White House staff members, who alienated many of their needed allies on the Hill , and was largely regarded as a failed president. "Ignoring that opportunity for the sake of political expediency only serves to hamper long-term economic growth", he said Thursday. It would also allow for the sale of mortgage-related assets owned by the Federal National Mortgage Association and the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation and ...

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One aspect of the standoff was the different approaches adopted by the two sides: China's foreign ministry and official media released strong statements and opinions nearly daily while India's official statements were far fewer in number. It seems there could soon be an end in sight to the Doklam standoff as indications to this effect was given by the external affairs ministry (MEA) on Monday.

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The bezel-less display will mean the iPhone 8 will have actually have a bigger display than iPhone 7s Plus, but in a more compact form factor. In other Apple news, insider Daniel J. The rumored slower speed and Made for iPhone license requirement for the iPhone 8's wireless charging feature hopefully do not turn out to be true upon the smartphone's unveiling next month .

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Tropical storm Harvey was set to dump more rain on Houston on Monday, adding to catastrophic flooding that paralyzed the fourth most populous United States city and prompted mass evacuations in nearby counties as rivers hit crests not seen for centuries.

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Some protesters set off purple smoke bombs. "Fighting hate with hate does not work and only makes each side more entrenched in their ideological camps". Berkeley police said by mid-afternoon they'd arrested 14 protesters, but there were no reports of injuries or vandalism, perhaps because the right-wing demonstrators never showed up in large numbers.

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In a shock for Islamabad that was music to New Delhi's ears, US President Donald Trump on Tuesday read the riot act out to Pakistan for providing safe havens to "agents of chaos, violence and terror" that kill Americans in Afghanistan and warned Islamabad it has "much to lose" by harbouring terrorists.

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Trump heightened tensions after North Korea tested two Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles this summer that have a range that includes the continental U.S. However, some experts say North Korea is now mainly focused on the bigger picture of testing its bargaining power against the United States with its new long-range missiles and likely has no interest in letting things get too tense during the drills.

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Thousands of Rohingya have tried to flee into Bangladesh, but Bangladeshi border guards are reportedly turning them back. "Please save us", 61-year-old Amir Hossain told Reuters near the Bangladeshi village of Gumdhum. Naikhyangchharhi Upazila Executive Officer SM Sarwar Kamal said many Rohingyas were detained and will be sent back. The insurgents had used firearms and improvised explosive devices in attacks that left at least six civilians dead, the newspaper said, including a child ...

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Immelt withdrew his consideration for the role earlier Sunday due to the lack of support among Uber's board, the paper wrote. Uber's board has finally arrived at a unanimous decision on its pick for the CEO job. Uber engineer Susan Fowler alleged that she and other female employees at the company were sexually harassed. Under Kalanick, Uber changed the transportation landscape by offering people the ability to summon a ride through an app, and the privately held company swelled to a almost ...

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The White House has sought federal funding for the wall, which is spending Democrats have pledged not to back in a bill. But the president's Tuesday night salvo introduced fresh and potentially explosive irritant into his relationship with congressional Republicans , whose backing he badly needs in the coming weeks.

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What is clear is that while Trump will adamantly deny it, he is committed to fighting for the survival of the nation his predecessors have been building since 2002. "We're not going to signal an increase, decrease, timing, any of that", he added, referring to troop levels, among other things. This strategy will instead capitalize on the element of surprise in U.S.

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The president castigated both the Senate majority leader and Paul Ryan , the speaker of the House of Representatives, for not taking his advice to tie crucial debt ceiling legislation to a popular veterans bill that recently passed Congress.

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Trump has often expressed frustration that Congress has not passed significant legislation since he took office in January, particularly its failure to pass a bill to replace Democratic former President Barack Obama's healthcare law - something that Trump had promised to accomplish.

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In the seventh, he finally started exerting serious pressure on McGregor , getting him on the ropes and landing a hard left hook. Denied his first choice of wager, Mayweather then wanted to bet on himself to win by knockout, but left the property because he had to wait too long to get that wager in.