por | Agosto 20, 2017 | 16:34

Virginia State Police in riot gear stand in front of the statue of General Robert E. Lee before forcing white nationalists, neo-Nazis and members of the "alt-right" out of Emancipation Park after the "Unite the Right" rally was declared an unlawful gathering August 12, 2017 in Charlottesville, Virginia.

por | Agosto 20, 2017 | 09:35

Evans said Friday when asked about an event planned in his city. People wrote messages on the Free Speech Wall, played music, sang and ate free sheet cake, a reference to remarks made by UVa alumna Tina Fey on a recent episode of "SNL Weekend Update".

por | Agosto 20, 2017 | 04:50

Heyer - with the KKK and the white supremacists". The President said all those protesting against the removal of the statue were not white nationalists or neo-Nazis. president who has shown a willingness to personally negotiate government contracts. "Let's remember, it isn't as if the Democrats have found tax reform alien, by no means.

por | Agosto 20, 2017 | 04:24

By contrast, neo-Nazis and the core constituencies of what became the alt-right have been around for a while - but they were largely anathema to mainstream politicians on the right. Winston Churchill once said: "I decline utterly to be impartial between the fire brigade and the fire". A day after the president's Trump Tower press conference , Graham accused Trump of placing both sides on an equal moral plane, releasing a written statement .

por | Agosto 19, 2017 | 22:12

Alexandra Sheldon, an art teacher from Cambridge, was among the thousands who came to Boston Common to express dismay over the displays of white supremacy in Charlottesville. We are likely to be tested again, either by rallies, such as the one that will occur this Saturday in Boston , or by provocative speakers or writings.

por | Agosto 19, 2017 | 21:06

Most people who are on the Trump train say they are definitely, absolutely never getting off - no matter what. White supremacy is repulsive. But it wouldn't be fair or right. A trickle of Republicans came out in condemnation - Sens. So who are the most hardcore groups of Trump backers? "There can be no moral ambiguity", he wrote on Twitter.

por | Agosto 19, 2017 | 17:41

Hours after the van rampage, police shot dead five people in the Catalan resort of Cambrils , 120 km down the coast from Barcelona , after they drove their auto at pedestrians and police officers. Suspected jihadists have been behind similar previous attacks. In a counterterrorism operation following the Cambris incident, four attack suspects were killed and one died from his wounds later.

por | Agosto 19, 2017 | 15:52

Southeast Michigan isn't, but it will still get an 83-percent eclipse - meaning the region won't go completely lights-out, but the moon will cover a significant portion of the sun. "You'll see roughly a quarter of the sun missing even as the sun comes up", said Mike Shanahan, Bishop Museum planetarium director. Read and follow any instructions printed on or packaged with the filter.

por | Agosto 19, 2017 | 13:40

North Korea on Thursday warned that it was preparing four intermediate-range missiles (IRBM) to be launched towards the USA territory of Guam, according to a state-media report. Korea expert Robert Kelly, a political science professor at Pusan National University in South Korea , earlier said the Philippines' being on the flight path of North Korea's missile tests is " disturbing ".

por | Agosto 19, 2017 | 13:38

Guam's Office of Civil Defense began disseminating fact sheets Friday to help residents prepare for a missile attack from North Korea . Guam is a launching point for USA strategic bombers that the North , virtually flattened by US bombs during the 1950-53 Korean War, sees as particularly threatening.

por | Agosto 19, 2017 | 13:17

She has asked for diplomatic immunity in the case and has not yet been charged. "We have also heard that the butcher of Matabeleland, Mr Mnangagwa hismeslf is in South Africa seeking medical help after being poisoned in a recent ZANU PF rally in Gwanda, we thank God for that and we hope he won't pull through" Mr Mhluzi said.

por | Agosto 19, 2017 | 12:39

U.S. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Joseph Dunford is visiting Seoul to discuss the rise in tensions between North Korea with South Korean President Moon Jae-in and Defence Minister Song Young-moo ahead of major joint U.S. Responding to the tests, Trump warned the North of "fire and fury like the world has never seen", while Pyongyang threatened to fire missiles close to the USA territory of Guam.

por | Agosto 19, 2017 | 11:02

I've seen no intelligence that would indicate that we're in that place today, ' he said. Moon wants to engage the North. Separately on Monday, South Korean experts warned that the North is making "quick advances" in miniaturising nuclear warheads to fit on top of its missiles.

por | Agosto 19, 2017 | 09:55

Yesterday, when Google released the teaser video for Android O , the file name was GoogleOreo_Teaser_0817_noDroids (1).mp4. Could it mean that along with live streaming of the historic natural phenomenon, Google would also go ahead and introduce Android O and its super powers to the world? Year on year, we have seen the naming system ascending alphabetical-wise, this year it is for Android "O".

por | Agosto 19, 2017 | 07:22

Police in Spain say a fourth person has been arrested in connection with the attacks in Barcelona and Cambrils as the death toll Friday was raised to 14. His wife, badly injured in the attack, worked at a meat shop in Rubi, a nearby town where they both lived. CTV News spoke to three Canadians who witnessed the violence that has so far claimed the lives of 13 people and injured approximately 120 more.

por | Agosto 19, 2017 | 06:58

And the potential for risky clashes elsewhere on the rugged mountainous border remains real, analysts say. An Indian intelligence officer said the confrontation occurred after Indian soldiers intercepted a Chinese patrol that veered into Indian-held territory after apparently it lost its way due to bad weather.

por | Agosto 19, 2017 | 06:23

A military solution to the North Korean missile threat would be "horrific" but allowing Pyongyang to develop the capability to launch a nuclear attack on the United States is "unimaginable", the top U.S. Moon said "President Trump is trying to pressure North Korea by showing firm determination ". The United States has been the South's security guarantor since the end of the Korean War in 1953, which left the peninsula divided and technically still in a state of conflict with no ...

por | Agosto 19, 2017 | 05:43

Finally, US special forces could attempt to assassinate Kim by sneaking into North Korea. Trump on Friday furthered the rhetoric, saying the U.S. was "locked and loaded" to deal with the nuclear issue on the Korean peninsula. It was occupied by the Japanese for three years during World War II - the only USA territory to be invaded - and the July 21 Liberation Day holiday is one of Guam's biggest celebrations.

por | Agosto 19, 2017 | 01:22

In his fourth Independence Day speech , put forth the vision of a "New India" which is free of casteism, communalism, terrorism and corruption. In our nation, no one is big or small.everybody is equal. The LJP leader, who was part of all-party delegation which visited Jammu and Kashmir previous year to meet different sections, said the prime minister has clearly stated that India wants peace but it is also ready for "tit-for-tat if anybody threaten us".

por | Agosto 19, 2017 | 01:01

North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un was on the receiving end of the alliteration heard around the world, when Trump promised " fire and fury " if Pyongyang continued to threaten the United States. "Military solutions are now fully in place, locked and loaded , should North Korea act unwisely". Pyongyang has used detainees to extract concessions, including high-profile visitors from the United States, which has no formal diplomatic relations with North Korea.