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Did you spend any time with inmates before filming? But as we saw with the Rio de Janeiro Olympics in 2016, brands are getting more creative with their targeting strategies , allowing them to join the conversation even when media costs are high or no advertising inventory exists.

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With the first total solar eclipse crossing North America in 38 years, it's easy to understand the excitement surrounding next Monday's total solar eclipse . On Monday, all eyes will be on the sky for the solar eclipse . The society said not all glasses available for purchase meet worldwide safety standards for directly viewing the sun and says that people need to make sure glasses have "ISO 12312-2" printed on them.

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Jon Bernthal ( The Walking Dead ) stands front and center in an all-new official teaser for The Punisher , the next series up from Marvel and Netflix's partnership. The main characters bounce off each other beautifully, radiating a chemistry that would have been hard to develop for the limited screentime, but which still works out.

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Much of that comes from her starring role in Darren Aronofsky's forthcoming horror film " Mother! ", due in theaters September 15; the spy thriller " Red Sparrow ", arriving March 2; and an endorsement deal with Dior. Emma Stone's appearance in Damien Chazelle's musical La La Land allowed her to generate more than impressive income. Even though Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone made their debut in Hollywood this year, they failed to make their presence on the list.

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Jessica and Luke are still pissed at each other, Daredevil likes to work alone, and everybody is making fun of poor Iron Fist . Honestly, I haven't been sure how to feel about The Defenders , but I'm going to go on the record here and say that even if somehow the show isn't great, it will be worth it just to watch Sigourney Weaver burn everything down.

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A language warning here for listeners as we recount some of that testimony. Leila Fadel is at the court now. And, Leila, this seems like a pretty quick verdict from this jury. "He grabbed my bare ass". Now, that's a direct quote. Entertainment news outlet TMZ obtained and published the photo, which has been sealed by the court.

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Col. Martin Kumer, superintendent at the Albemarle-Charlottesville Regional Jail, said that 20-year-old James Alex Fields Jr . has a bond hearing Monday morning. "No mother wants to lose a child, but I'm proud of her. I'm proud of what she did". Hill said she contacted a First Christian Church in Charlottesville and asked what people here can do.

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Area food trucks will be on-site. This unbelievable event lasts only about 2 minutes and is safe to watch, but the partial eclipse that happens before and after can permanently damage your vision. Leonard Bates, 80, was just nine years old when he saw his first eclipse . About 60% of the sun will be covered-up by the moon, which makes for a "partial eclipse ".

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We are talking about the mindset, culture and thought process of certain section of people in the film . Producer of the film and co-owner of KriArj Entertainment, Prernaa Arora was receiving the guests on the red carpet and bracing them for the film that in right words, is a revolution! Also, the movie is Co-produced by Akshay Kumar and Neeraj Pandey.

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Catching a sight of this meteor shower is an absolutely phenomenal experience as Johann Nishant, an astrophotographer who captured the meteor shower a year ago, describes it. In a normal year you might see 50-75 meteors per hour in a rural location. Hence, they rarely reach the Earth and when they do, it is only small parts that no one realises, Sheikh Salman said.

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So much for building from a position of strength. Cape Town - Chelsea manager Antonio Conte has again expressed his concern regarding the club's lack of signings ahead of the new Premier League season. "For sure we want to avoid the Mourinho season", said Conte, although that really would be the worst-case scenario. Conte has become embroiled in disputes with his employers over a new contract and transfer issues.

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Taylor Swift has delivered an emotional testimoney after taking to the stand in a trial against a radio DJ who she has accused of assaulting her. Coomer said he first heard about Mueller's claim two years after Mueller was sacked from KYGO .

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After Trump expressed his displeasure with his attorney general and former Sen. Cory Gardner, R-Colo. speaks during a news conference on Capitol Hill Washington , Tuesday, Aug. " More excuses. @SenateMajLdr must have needed another 4 years - in addition to the 7 years - to repeal and replace Obamacare ", Scavino wrote .

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Chelsea boss Antonio Conte has claimed over and over again he has concerns over his squad , and the fact he does not have enough players to compete on all fronts come next season. Conte continues to be unhappy with Chelsea's moves in the summer transfer window. It's new territory and brings new pressure for Chelsea's record signing.

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The only thing plumping faster than Kylie Jenner's lips is sales of her cosmetics line. Kylie initially launched her signature Lip Kits in November 2015 with three shades, officially naming her company Kylie Cosmetics in February 2016.

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Tormund was among the Wildlings who went to Eastwatch , which is why we haven't seen him on the show lately. The defeat of the Lannister forces and Jaime's failed charge on Drogon lay the groundwork for a potential reunion, should Jaime and Bronn be captured, between Tyrion and his brother.

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There were many parts of the episode that I thoroughly enjoyed, but the fight simply takes the cake. First, let's talk about that much-hyped meeting between Dany and Jon Snow in episode 3, which quickly devolved into a rather puerile argument, especially due to Daenerys' repeated insistence on her claim to the throne .

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The answers were not only more immediate but far less rehearsed than usual. Could you go into more detail about what "flair" Bryan added to the engagement ring? The Lindsay family has yet to reunite with Abasolo since their tense hometown meeting , but Lindsay did confirm that her father, a federal judge who did not appear on the show , met Abasolo during the show visit.

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Gorman said the Hazard FM radio station, WSGS 101.1, played Campbell's songs Wednesday morning in tribute to his friend. I mean that as a compliment to both of my old friends. "It is a sad day". The family appreciates your prayers and respect for their privacy at this time. "He will be missed". "And that is magnified by the greatness of his talent".

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Though concern over the addiction crisis resonates strongly with Trump's core supporters, it could be a rare opportunity for bipartisan cooperation, given its widespread impact. He also said, "We're very, very tough on the Southern border, where much of this comes in". "Access to medicine, access to care, these are the big issues".