Every Character Who Dies In Avengers: Infinity War

Every Character Who Dies In Avengers: Infinity War

They are probably dead for good. "He is Thanos, not a chameleon". So, let's kick this off. And I'm not holding back on spoilers.

All that said, Soulworld is not confirmed to exist in the MCU.

Infinity War also continues Disney's domination at the box office. The romantic comedy was moderate but serviceable as a counter-programming option to Infinity Wars.

A whole lot of superheroes added up to a whole lot of ticket sales. When our kids grow up, many of us dads are thrilled with the intentional lessons they embraced-and dismayed, even shocked, by what else we might've passed on. Panther was an outlier phenomenon and Avengers was the first of its kind. The fate of Earth, and existence itself, hang in the balance. Of course, everyone is expecting character deaths, chomping at the bit to find out who.

Infinity War flexed its collective superhero muscle and made box-office history, soaring into theaters with a $250 million opening weekend, comScore estimates.

This news might have you racking your brain to see if you can remember G.O.B. trading magic illusions (never tricks) with Doctor Strange, or George Michael swinging his light sabre on Wakanda.

Yet, this isn't the time for ego clashes and sulking, as the epitome of villainy, the towering monster Thanos (Josh Brolin), is on a macabre mission to annihilate half the universe. Marvel Studios approached that figure earlier this year when it released Ryan Coogler's Black Panther, which quickly became the MCU's most profitable film domestically, hauling in a little over $682 million and a gigantic $1.3 billion globally. He genuinely cares for his step-daughter Gamora, which made the fact that he sacrificed her to obtain the soul stone all the more heart-wrenching. "Infinity War" is the culmination of 10 years of films that started with "Iron Man" in 2008 and the promise of the Avengers in Nick Fury's first post-credits appearance in that movie.

We know that the six stones all supply Thanos different supplies - the Power stone, Mind stone, and Time stone are all pretty self explanatory - and we know the Space stone allows him to teleport, and the Reality stone allows him to, well, change pretty much everything around. I wanted more Captain America. The "endgame" could be a reference for what Thanos plans to do next since he now possess all of the Infinity Stones - complete annihilation of our planet. A blink and you miss it discussion between some of the rogue Avengers offers some explanation.

However, taking inflation into account would mean the Star Wars film still holds the US record, with about $260m (£188.5m) in today's dollars.

"Guardian of the Galaxy"'s Peter Quill has his own daddy issues.

Although "Intention", a new Korean documentary film about the tragic 2014 ferry sinking, stayed in second in its third weekend, it managed to draw only 38,100 admissions.

Nebula. She sucks and steals screen time from better characters.

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