Aviation regulators demand emergency engine inspections following Southwest accident

Aviation regulators demand emergency engine inspections following Southwest accident

With a total of more than 8,000 of the engines now in use on both commercial and military aircraft, the engine is considered one of the safest and most efficient in the world. The airplane was carrying 149 people.

A cycle concerns a complete flight, from engine start to takeoff and landing to complete shutdown.

"The inspection, conducted on-wing with an ultrasonic probe along the surface of the fan blade, takes about four hours per engine", CFM said.

"Safety is the Virgin Australia Group's No.1 priority", a Virgin spokesperson told The New Daily.

Anxiety continues among airline passengers as they board popular twin-engine Boeing 737 jet aircraft, on a variety of airlines, heading out of Hartsfield-Jackson. About 352 engines in the US and 681 worldwide will have to undergo the inspections, the FAA said, citing estimates from the manufacturer. It won't be clear until the FAA issues its ruling how many will need inspections. "Customers on affected flights will be notified of any changes to their travel plans through proactive updates". The agency never issued a final decision, however.

The Federal Aviation Administration in the United States has given an order that 220 jet engines should be inspected.

Whether the proposed FAA rule, had it been implemented, would have detected damage to the fan blade that failed is not known. "So it's a fairly big deal for this kind of failure to happen".

Southwest Airlines, which took in $21.2 billion in revenue last year, operates on a low-cost model that offers cheap tickets for passengers willing to forego standard amenities offered by other airlines. Pieces of the plane were found in rural Pennsylvania by investigators who tracked them on radar.

"There are very specific regulation guidelines to ensure that if an engine does fail, that it doesn't come apart and turn into little bombs". The mother, Jennifer Riordan, died in the incident. One person was killed and 7 others injured. Southwest pledged Tuesday to inspect the remainder of its fleet within 30 days. One repair shop said new blades cost $50,000 each while overhauled ones are less than $30,000.

Hundreds of residents who had fled to refugee camps or to relatives' homes in nearby towns were briefly allowed back by authorities to the ruins of the central business district on Thursday.

The move comes after the mid-air incident last Tuesday, April 17, where an engine exploded on Flight 1380.

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