Trump Tried to Fire Mueller but Top White House Lawyer Refused — NYT

Trump Tried to Fire Mueller but Top White House Lawyer Refused — NYT

"I would do it under oath, absolutely", he said. "Look, this is about Russia", said Trump, who added that Mueller had "many other conflicts" in addition to his interview to run the FBI.

The White House has repeatedly denied that Trump was looking at firing the special counsel. "The President is not discussing firing Bob Mueller", she said when asked whether Trump would commit to not firing the special counsel.

In a White House that has bounced from crisis to crisis and jettisoned a record number of high-level staff during President Donald Trump's first year, top administration officials seem to have found a way to prevent the rashest of decisions: by threatening to quit.

Will he do it under oath?

The president, in turn, backed off. McGahn did not respond to requests for comment. Trump walked into the meeting unannounced and began talking.

"I'm looking forward to it actually", Trump told reporters in the White House on Wednesday.

Scaramucci also referred to the story as a "red herring" and "nonsensical".

In an interview on "Fox & Friends" the next morning, Trump boasted that his "tapes" bluff might have influenced Comey's congressional testimony on June 8 - maybe not the best thing to brag about when trying to avoid any appearance of obstruction of justice. "There has been no collusion whatsoever, there has been no obstruction whatsoever".

"Fake news, folks. Fakes news", Trump said. He noted Mueller had interviewed with Trump to succeed Comey as FBI director, though the president later went on to appoint former Justice Department official Chris Wray to the job. "He should assert executive privilege in every opportunity they can".

What is the president being interviewed about?

It sends a message, "I am not worried a bit about you". "This is moving rapidly, extremely fast". Goldman and Levine invited as many of their old classmates as possible to a reunion in Miami, and last weekend, 12 of Hand's former students got together for a walk down memory lane.

There's a tendency to assume that once Trump makes his mind up about something - or someone - that's the final word.

The response from Democrats was nearly immediate. Sen.

"I don't think I did", he said.

That's a big deal. Why?

Remember the timeline here.

Lawyers involved with Mueller's investigation viewed the report as a potentially ominous sign.

McGahn essentially called Trump's bluff on Mueller. In fact, McCabe's wife took donations from a political group run by a Clinton ally.

"That's never been on the table, never, " Dowd said of firing Mueller, according to USA Today's August story.

Albin Lohr-Jones/dpa/picture-alliance/NewscomPresident Donald Trump tried to fire Robert Mueller, the man overseeing the FBI investigation of possible connections between his campaign and the Russian government, last June.

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