Mulitple Americans among those killed in Kabul hotel attack last weekend

Mulitple Americans among those killed in Kabul hotel attack last weekend

A Taliban-affiliate group later claimed responsibility for the attack. It also displays certificates of appreciation including some from the European Union and U.S. military. The FATA (Federally Administered Tribal Areas), the Pashtun-dominated Pakistani tribal regions that border Afghanistan, lie at the root of this problem.

Airlines provide a vital link between major cities in a country where travel by road is often dangerous and unreliable. The police told the BBC that there were two unidentified nationalities, and that most were Ukrainian, with one Greek, one German and one Kazakh among the dead.

Pentagon officials have long accused Pakistan of providing sanctuary to the Afghan Taliban and their allies.

The militants, dressed in army uniforms, launched the assault on the luxury hotel in the Afghan capital in the evening on January 20.

President Donald Trump has said that Pakistan has given nothing to the US but "lies and deceit" and suspended about USD 2 billion in security aid to the country. While Bush focused solely on catching Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda, Obama adopted a new strategy of "Counterinsurgency". "They were sitting in the corner of the hotel and they immediately started spraying bullets", Hasibullah said.

Does Trump offer any realistic hope of achieving what his predecessors could not? It has been said that the tweet should not be taken as a policy statement. They then moved into conference halls and other floors of the building, while shooting at guests. Some local reports have said 40 people had been killed.

The Narendra Modi government has been in touch with the Trump administration on Afghanistan.

The announcement of the publication of the book during a spectacular ceremony in Islamabad, with President Mamnoun Hussein as the main guest.

Pakistan's Representative, Dr Maleeha Lodhi, countered the claim that "Afghanistan and its partners, especially the US, need to address the challenges inside Afghanistan rather than shift the onus for ending the conflict onto others". The author refers to the fundamental question of America's motives in Afghanistan.

He, too, jumped from a window to escape. This is not a logical approach. Per public comments from Afghan officials, the six gunmen entered the facility with weapons and individual suicide vests and "were looking for foreigners and Afghan officials to kill".

He confirmed that seven Ukrainians had been killed and said a consular official would be visiting Kabul to organise repatriation of their bodies.

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