Democrats 'have come to their senses' on shutdown vote — Trump

Democrats 'have come to their senses' on shutdown vote — Trump

Congress has approved a bipartisan agreement to re-open the federal government after a three-day partial shutdown.

The Senate voted Monday to pass a bill that would extend government funding through Feb. 8. Ted Mitchell, president of the American Council on Education, said in a statement that he was pleased to see Congress poised to reopen the federal government, and he praised the commitment to bring a DACA vote to the floor.

Comments have been edited for clarity and concision. What do we get for border security? "If it's enough for Flake, and Graham, and Collins - who want this done as much as they do - it should be enough for Democrats". This top-down, leadership-driven system when you have a 60-vote margin in the Senate just doesn't work. The pledge, according to Schumer, is that if no immigration deal is reached between the two parties by the February 8 deadline, the Senate will "immediately proceed to consideration of legislation dealing with DACA".

Democratic Sen. Mark Warner said that the party had the assurances they need in the budget and on immigration issues.

Indiana Democrat Joe Donnelly was one of those 81 Senators to support the plan in the procedural vote.

The vote was postponed because it became clear that Democrats would block the funding bill.

The White House also announced that the United States Government will be running at its full strength from Tuesday.

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An amendment was added saying government workers who are furloughed will get their back pay for this shutdown and any other funding lapse this year.

"The Republican majority now has 17 days to prevent the Dreamers from being deported", Schumer said. So I think it's important to remember what the actual contours of the deal are with Mitch Mcconnell.

The White House says President Donald Trump has signed a bill reopening the government, ending a 69-hour display of partisan dysfunction after Democrats reluctantly voted to temporarily pay for resumed operations.

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President Trump has removed that protection, and he gave Congress until March 5 to figure out a solution, or else these DACA recipients would be subject to deportation. If they don't, it could drag on a long time. Claire McCaskill called for unanimous consent to continue pay for military personal during the shutdown.

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