Xbox One X review: Worth the upgrade?

Xbox One X review: Worth the upgrade?

FIFA 18 too is taken to new levels by the enhancements - scuffs on the pitch are clearer, and player likenesses are much starker.

If you're looking for instant 4K gratification, you can also look beyond games. Yet another reason to be a member. And download all the updates too, because we're talking about hundreds of gigabytes - thank the Space Pope that we've got an unlimited data plan. You also, ideally, want to have these games already installed, so you just have to deal with the Xbox One X patches, rather than downloading the whole thing from scratch. The power brick is gone, the gloss has been mostly removed and it is now a power unit that needs to be connected to power and your TV before lift-off. (Microsoft claims it's 40% more powerful).

Speaking of little boxes, the 1TB hard disk is laughably small in an age where 4K games weigh in at over 100GB. The only perk is that it's free, and that will change in 2018.

But back to games. The good news is it's not just all about fidelity, either.

This is great for those who want to stack other AV kit on top of the Xbox One X, but it does mean you'll want to give a bit more room around back to accommodate the new cooling system. So, mileage will vary. There's a few back compat games, some older Kinect games that have been remade as 4K titles, a few first-party games and a few third-party games.

We tested Gears of War 4, Forza Motorsport 7, Assassin's Creed and Wolfenstein 2.

If you have an Xbox One and a 4K TV then the jump is well worth it.

And despite efforts to cut down on the Microsoft Windows levels of tiles, there are still too many littering the Xbox interface, and as a result basic navigation is not as simple as it could and should be. In this same vein, older Xbox One games and even an assortment of backward-compatible 360 games show improvement relative to older consoles (though obviously the One X can't work miracles like improving an old game's texture resolution on its own).

At AusGamers we've been lucky enough to have had early access to an Xbox One X console for just over a week. TMCC will receive One X Enhancement in 2018. Aside from trying to blow prospective buyers away with improved visuals, the Xbox One X will sell you on a robust online service with lots of community integration. Will it have HD textures? It made me long for a proper NBN connection for 4K streaming, or at least a trip to JB Hi-FI to grab more UHD Blu-rays. With an Xbox One X and an Xbox One S set up side-by-side, we simultaneously loaded a number of games installed on Western Digital 4TB external hard drives and recorded the loading time for each. The X opted to output in 1080p, much like the cafe owners decided to reply to my mangled questions using English.

Oddly, the biggest competition to the Xbox One X might not be the PS4 Pro; it could be the Xbox One S. Microsoft's lower-priced system does a lot of what the new console does at almost half the price (and comes bundled with a game), and for many gamers, that might be enough. While assets have all remained identical, the underlying game resolution has been boosted dramatically, and in Halo 3's case, a 10-bit colour space has been enabled, meaning that TVs will switch into HDR mode and greater lighting contrast can really come to the fore.

My main test scene for Gears of War 4, across Xbox One consoles, was the fifth mission in Act IV. Some were quicker on the X than on the S, and others were slower. This is a little box of big tricks.

If you're still tempted by the pull of terrific performance and silky-even with no chance to make good on 4K power-at least consider buying or building a PC instead. For those extra pounds, gamers are treated to a more powerful processor, a few more teraflops of graphical power, and 12GB GDDR5 compared to 8GB GDDR5.

The answer? Games run faster, smoother and are better looking.

But if you do have a 4K TV - and they're becoming increasingly affordable and more widespread - the X's 4K Blu-ray drive is a pretty convincing sell. As suckers for visuals, it has in our minds put the core Xbox One console firmly into our rear-view mirror.

The Xbox One X does none of that. And really, blurs the generational hardware lines to a point where you start to see part of Microsoft's big picture.

And that is how it handles backwards compatibility.

So for creating a device that sits at the top of its market specs-wise, yet has the smallest form factor is quite a design achievement.

I also have to say that we carried out our review with a spanking new 4K TV.

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