The Razer Phone slathers the specs to turn on gamers

The Razer Phone slathers the specs to turn on gamers

To that end, the high-end hardware is good for more than just gaming. Well that's what I thought until I delved a little deeper and realised Razer's pulled a few clever tricks to bring PC gaming innovations to the mobile space. Now, The company's first ever phone will be officially announced on November 2. The 5.72-inch panel's 1440 x 2560 resolution is sharp and clear, but no better than on competing handsets like the Galaxy S8.

As for the camera, the Razer Phone is equipped with a pair of 12-megapixel rear-facing cameras, complete with phase-detect autofocus. We've only had a very short amount of time playing with the Razer Phone's dual cameras, mainly indoors. With the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chipset and 8GB of RAM, you'll be hard-pressed to find something that won't run smoothly on this phone. Razer hits a lot of the right cues for its target audience, with ridiculous specs, a key differentiator in the form of 120Hz support, and an enthusiast-friendly software experience. A limited number of phones will be available with the green snake logo on launch day.

Similar to what Nvidia's G-Sync technology does for laptops and monitors, Razer's proprietary Ultramotion tech synchronizes the display refresh rate with the graphics chip render rate.

It's the 5.7in, 2560x1440 display that really makes the Razer phone stand out.

For action-packed games and fast-moving video, though, the frame rate jumps up and things look much smoother.

That's why you may be skeptical about this latest expansion into the phone market. "We solved for a better cinematic audio experience with Dolby ATMOS technology and two front-firing speakers with dedicated amplifiers, and THX-certified adapter that guarantees audiophile-quality sound with headphones". It's simple and elegant, a thin gray slab of aluminum and glass, with round buttons, accents, and just a bit of texture on the front-in the form of the perforations covering the front-facing speakers. It would be interesting to see a smartphone made for gamers in mind.

The Razer Phone sports 64GB of internal Universal Flash Storage, expandable via the microSD slot.

It also has 802.11 wireless and Bluetooth 4.2 networking. The primary lens is tipped to be a 12MP wide-angle lens with f/1.75 aperture and a secondary is a 13MP telephoto lens with f/2.6. The 8mm-thin rectangle will come loaded with Android Nougat, ready to upgrade to Android Oreo when the spring rolls around. Razer states that the 8GB of RAM may seem like overkill for most Android smartphones at this point, but the company feels that it is the right amount of RAM for its userbase. Most of Razer's product shots also show folks holding the phone sideways and tapping with both thumbs, again treating it like a serious mobile gaming device and maybe even a Nintendo Switch competitor. This includes Arena of Valor, Gear Club and Final Fantasy XV.

The Razer Phone will be available for pre-order on 3 November costing £699 ($699) and in-store on 14 November available from Razer's online store and exclusively through mobile phone operator Three in six countries including the UK. United Kingdom pricing is yet to be confirmed, but £699 including Value-Added Tax seems likely.

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