President Trump is Making the Democratic Party Great Again!

President Trump is Making the Democratic Party Great Again!

But the new anti-establishment sentiment is not entirely tied to traditional party politics, or Trump himself, and if Trump and the Republicans fall, that won't mean it will disappear. Most of the districts Democrats won were solidly blue-leaning, so it doesn't necessarily mean Democrats will succeed in retaking the House next year on more Republican-friendly terrain. "We are now reporting that Ralph Northam has won the Virginia governor's race", Carlson said.

In addition, the person pointed to the history of each state, noting that there are 800,000 more Democrats that Republicans in New Jersey and that Virginia has increasingly trended Democratic in recent years.

Hillary beat you there by 5 points last year.

The person said that "2018 is a long ways away", when asked about the White House's level of fear ahead of next year's midterm elections. While Virginians were going to the polls, the President was in South Korea, where he gave a loopy speech to the national legislature praising, at length, the achievements of Korean golfers.

The backlash to Trump wasn't limited just to the Virginia governor's mansion, however.

The magic number is 24. It's as strong as it's ever been. The canvass continues through Monday, including the consideration of the 36 provisional ballots in the race in Fairfax County and 12 more in Prince William County.

Early voter numbers were up in Virginia.

Trumps Gallup approval rating as of Nov. 7 stood at 38 percent.

Generally speaking, Democrats tend to do better in Virginia with a greater turnout. But according to a leader of Progressive Democrats of America who was active in the fight on election night, the party did no such thing. He speaks with authority and deep knowledge when he says, "Democrats are exceptionally energized".

Or if a liberal Democrat had taken the Congressional seat vacated by conservative Jason Chaffetz in Utah (instead of being crushed by a Republican who didn't vote for Trump in 2016 but supports his agenda).

"That's a huge pickup of women, we have two Asian-American women, Kelly Fowler and Kathy Tran, two Latinas, Elizabeth Guzman and Hala Ayala, we have our first transgender woman, our first lesbian woman". And in New York City, Democratic Mayor Bill de Blasio was easily re-elected to a second term. "Our forefathers fought for them".

Brianna Ross of Richmond, Virginia, lost her right to vote at 19 when she received a felony conviction for stealing diapers for her newborn son.

Stewart also dismissed claims that Gillespie's loss was a "referendum on Trump", saying that it would've been so if Gillespie had further embraced the president.

One tipping point was immigration. Tuesday evening, as the President flew from South Korea to Vietnam while Virginia turned against his party, Trumpism seemed small enough that all its partisans could fit on Air Force One.

Republicans will still control far more statehouses than Democrats around the country - 26 to eight after Tuesday. The issue topped voters' concerns in exit polls Tuesday, with Northam winning a whopping three-quarters of those identifying health care as their priority. "But I voted today". Georgia Rep. Hank Johnson, along with numerous experts, have expressed the belief that the June race in Atlanta conceded by Democrat Jon Ossoff was stolen.

Everybody knew that this was true but the central question was, would the "angry base" actually come out and vote?

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