Seniors urged to shoot by flu clinics

Seniors urged to shoot by flu clinics

Children age 8 and under who did not receive a flu vaccine during last year's flu season may need a second vaccine 30 days after receiving the first vaccine dose. The CDC recommends those at least 6 months of age be vaccinated annually. However, people who have moderate to severe symptoms or have other co-existing conditions such as lung disease or heart disease are at increased risk for complications from the flu and should seek medical attention.

"Really, we recommend everybody 6 months and older get a flu vaccine", she said. Way in Harrisonburg and 1310 Churchille Avenue in Staunton all have flu vaccines. These antibodies provide protection against infection with the viruses that are in the vaccine. The Australia Department of Health has received more than two and a half times more reports of flu compared to last year's levels.

STURGIS | Veterans enrolled in VA Health Care may obtain their flu vaccine at several upcoming walk-in clinics. And figuring out how to boost the genes may help people who don't respond strongly to flu vaccines, he says.

There are so many reasons to support the idea to get the absolute flu shot this year.

"I've never had to wait long", said veteran Louie Stiles, "When I was doing it privately getting these private shots they'd just take a lot of time, this doesn't". If someone gets the flu after having been vaccinated, Mayer said, that's because the person either had the flu in its incubation stage before getting the vaccine or contracted a strain that was not covered by the vaccine.

The experimental vaccine instead encourages the body to make other immune system weapons, called T cells, against unchanging core proteins housed within the "ball" part of the virus. As a result, the vaccine could potentially also work against bird and swine flu strains.

Even though new observations about the flu vaccine continue to be made, experts continue to recommend annual flu vaccinations for children and adults. Some people may have mild soreness and redness near the site of the shot and a low fever or slight headache.

Besides the shot, the number one method of prevention is good old fashion hand washing.

The flu virus is a serious disease, one that can become life threatening in some cases.

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