Genetic test could help those at risk of breast cancer

Genetic test could help those at risk of breast cancer

Depending on the group, most advise "breast self-awareness" - know what your breast tissue feels like. "It gives you a ideal foot in the door to talk about what the program is". We can detect a lot of them, but not all. Time to protect them as well.

"We are committed to improving cancer prevention through research and, with funding from the NIHR Manchester Biomedical Research Centre, we plan to develop new screening strategies and biomarkers for other common cancers, including womb, bowel, ovarian and prostate".

TODAY is the BEST day to start examining your breasts.

For more than four decades, cervical cancer was considered as one of the leading causes of death in India. For men, signs to watch include a lump felt in the nipple, pain, and an inverted nipple.

"Our hope is to find a biomarker that would help us diagnose breast cancer quickly and easily".

UBF and KIMS-Ushalakshmi Centre for Breast Diseases, which completed 10 years, has undertaken many unique initiatives to empower people about importance of early detection of breast cancer. The mutations, which are inherited, can mean women have a 90 percent chance of getting breast cancer, as well as an increased risk of prostate and ovarian cancer. This global health campaign is also aimed at raising funds for breast cancer research and offering support and information to people suffering from the disease. More than 60 percent of all breast cancers are diagnosed at this stage.

Handle your breasts with care, avoid traumatizing them. Conner added that the 12-month campaign they are launching this year, "This Must Stop", will focus specifically on eliminating disparities through outreach events, social media postings and printed materials. Kindly take advantage of one OR pay to have your breasts examined.

I READ with great concern a new report by Breast Cancer Now, "Good Enough?" You may be saving a life.

Guidelines are ever-changing, and now we follow the guidelines from the American Cancer Society and the American Society of Breast Surgeons.

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