Summer Olympics Go Hollywood LA Gets 2028 Games

Summer Olympics Go Hollywood LA Gets 2028 Games

Los Angeles was officially named Wednesday as host of the 2028 Summer Olympics by a unanimous vote of the International Olympic Committee in Lima, Peru. The French capital, home of the father of the modern Olympics, Pierre de Coubertin, last hosted the Summer Games in 1924, having first done so in 1900. IOC President Thomas Bach eventually had to make the decision to award 2024 and 2028 simultaneously. More recent bids to bring the Olympics back to Paris failed, with Barcelona, Beijing and London winning the rights to host the 1992, 2008 and 2012 Games.

The Los Angeles 2028 Games, with a budget of $5.3 billion, will essentially follow the plan they had in place for 2024, including housing athletes at the UCLA campus.

In exchange for Los Angeles agreeing to cede the 2024 Summer Games to Paris, the IOC agreed to advance roughly $300 million more in funds to the yet-to-be-formed Los Angeles Olympic Organizing Committee to offset increases in costs and to increase access to youth sports.

However, when Boston dropped out due to cost concerns, the USOC made a decision to put forth Los Angeles as the United States' prime option in 2015. The 2028 Games will be the first L.A. -based Olympics in 44 years, which is two Olympic Games cycles shorter than the previous gap.

Paris celebrated the award of the 2024 Olympics as best it could in heavy rains on Wednesday.

The official cost of the London Games rose to 8.77 billion pounds, or 9.8 billion euros/$11.6 billion at today's exchange rates, from an initial bid estimate of around half that figure.Andreff, the Sorbonne economist, estimates the actual bill for London was nearly 10.9 billion euros.

"For a city and nation to decide to stage the Olympics Games is to decide to take on one of the most costly and financially most risky type of megaproject [s] that exists", Flyvbjerg and company wrote, "something that many cities and nations have learned to their peril".

In this never-before-seen style of selection, Bach asked the 94 International Olympic Committee members to allow the real contests to play out at the Olympics themselves and transform the vote from a game of sorts into a pure business decision. Numerous plans for 2028 are the same as they would have been if they were awarded for 2024.

However, Paris refused to host the 2028 games and LA who initially refused has reached an agreement with the IOC.

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