IAEA: Iran Complying With Nuclear Deal

IAEA: Iran Complying With Nuclear Deal

On what one observer called "a sad day for warmongers", the United Nations declared Friday that Iran is fully adhering to the nuclear deal reached in 2015, and that inspectors will not go looking for infractions at the request of the Trump administration.

But it's more likely that the United States would find itself isolated in the event that the deal collapses. If Iran is using them without approval from the Joint Commission, it is violating Section T of the nuclear deal.

In a draft policy proposal for exiting the accord published in National Review on Aug. 28, Bolton said U.S. President Donald Trump's national security team needs to discuss military options with Israel and "selected others" regarding Iran's "menacing behavior". French President Emmanuel Macron said on Tuesday there is "no alternative" to the deal.

Under the accord, Iran could not get sanctions relief until the IAEA was satisfied Tehran had answered outstanding questions about the so-called "possible military dimensions" of its past nuclear research. The crisis was resolved when the Clinton administration negotiated the ill-fated Agreed Framework.

Critics of this arrangement have said merely transporting the chemical abroad and making the excess stock available for potential buyers in Oman is not sufficient.

"Iran has conducted its enrichment activities in line with its long-term enrichment and R&D enrichment plan". But it must present a basis for those concerns. "All information about these sites are classified", Iranian government spokesman Mohammad Baqer Nobakht said earlier this week, Reuters reported. It cannot be both.

The comments by Amano are significant - his agency is policing the deal capping atomic activities that Iran says are peaceful but the US suspects are a covert pursuit of nuclear arms. As we've detailed before, the scope for tough, unilateral action against Pyongyang is virtually nonexistent.

"China welcomes that and commends the efforts made by Iran and the IAEA", Hua said, adding, "We hope that all relevant parties could carry on with their implementation of the JCPOA, and that the IAEA could continue honoring its obligations with an objective, unbiased, and professional attitude."

In June, shortly after the IAEA's last report on Iran said its heavy water stock stood at 128.2 tons as of mid-May, Tehran said it would ship 20 tons abroad. It also conducts on-site visits and has access to satellite imagery. Kahl now serves on the advisory council of Diplomacy Works, an organization committed to upholding the nuclear deal.

That process and wording have yet to be put to the test.

Sinwar also emphasized that recently renewed relations with Iran are "fantastic", and have returned to the "former era" of close ties between Hamas and the Islamic Republic.

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